You’ve become part of solitude
Though I can’t quite determine
Whether you’re my shadow or the silence.
You are what sets apart
Alone from being lonely.

I’ve been looking for that word
To describe how I feel.
You became that kind of rest
I have always craved
That sleep can never satisfy.

Strange it is to know
That my heart have been beating
For the longest time
But I only realized that
When you started touching it
And kept some parts for yourself.


She’s in a universe where
She surfs with the waves
She made friends with, as if
It never tried to break her
When they first met.

She left the guy
Who created oceans
From her pretty eyes.
His white lies-
I wonder if she’s freed
From his goodbye?

He made a mistake
When he let her go-
The world is still trying
Its best to replace a gem,
But she has beauty
No luck could ever recreate.

The wind knows well
How she is missed
I still wonder if it’ll ever
Carry her home again,
Because I still whisper
Enfolded in a wish she’ll hear,
That I’m still waiting.

Sa pagbalik ko sa ating simula,
May natagpuang distansya
Bakit hindi sumagi sa isipan
Na ang bawat hakbang pasulong
Pinahihina rin ng pagsubok?

Lumalawak na ang pagitan,
Gawin man ang lahat,
Habulin ma’y parang sinulid
Na sa bawat pilit na paghatak
Ang nasimula’y lalong nawawasak

Inanod na ng mga alon
Na minsa’y nagawa namang umayon
At dahil kailanma’y di sinukat,
Paglayo’y di mabigyang paliwanag-
Bagama’t di rin handang magpaalam.

Kung hindi na mapipigilan
At itinadhana na ang paglisan
Magawa ko mang ika’y talikuran,
Ito’y dahil gusto lang balikan
Ang mga bahaging ‘yong naiwan.


There was something-
I remembered,
Your gaze told me everyday
won’t be like the other.
Your smile used to
drive the doubts away
just when I’m about
to break down.
Once we’re two points
set for the same direction.

Late nights we spent
on your compositions,
Revealed dispositions
and strawberry dreams-
We skipped sleep
I was Wendy to believe
Will my name in your
songs never grow old?
Have you ever delved
back into twenty-twelve?

Do the first three planets
still remind you of me?
And the records
do they still ever
give music its life
the way it did when
we used to sing along,
now that my reveries
are distant memories?

In the corner of my mind
lies a place where,
(though I loathed science)
lives the formula, the variables
equating to momentum-
constant, a thing we
both knew by heart.
Although nobody knows
why it’s something
we still lost.

Every now and then
we change our favorite songs
because that’s how often
We switch between love affairs

There’s an urge to live
a life so picturesque,
We’re made to believe
everyone is perfect.

Standards borderline unrealistic,
A time of thin waist, thigh gaps,
of darker-the-better lipstick.
of all-nighters and coffee naps.

Love becomes so easy to find
but the hardest to keep,
Where broken is considered fine,
Thinking that seldom goes deep.

We’re called millenials-
who do so well on “adulting”
and if it is still confidential,
We all have no idea what we’re doing.