Maybe the worst thing to do to anyone
Is make them remember you by looking at the moon
Make someone remember you in different faces (phases)
But never fully show yourself.
Should you haven’t come as the light against the dark
Orchestrate the tides
Play with a beating heart.
Make her confident to belittle
A million-mile distance
But to make her cry
With three-centimeter goodbyes.
Don’t you disguise as the moon
If you have the plans to leave.
Because the moon doesn’t.
It’s beauty has always been there
And though at times unnoticed
It doesn’t deserve to be a reminder
Of a memory someone cannot bear
To look up to every night.


It seemed like you found a place
Somewhere in a corner
A rusty area my brain
for things I haven’t figured out.
But how can I chase you away
when the only reason
my heart beats and pumps
is when it sends you praises
through my bloodstream?

Bear Hands

Somewhere the sea
And the skies meet,
But I never knew.
Whenever my
sight tries to go and
see the end of it,
You’re who I come to think.

I opened my eyes
To the melodies of rain,
As if tap dancing
on the windowpane.
Or was it you, it sounds same
When you approach me,
And when you walk away.

The human memory sometimes
Do make fun of us,
Just when you
had much to remember
And that’s when you forgot.
I have you to forget,
But you’re all I remember.

To fall in love with you
is like watching
the day turn to night.
Though I kept watch
Almost without a blink
Still I don’t know how
Dark blue came just after pink.

Ghosts in broad daylight
take life from empty laughter
and resonate ’til it swallows me.
It lives in the shadows
in holes I didn’t know were there.
cracks no sunlight could fill.

One day I woke up
to feel a pang of guilt, when
I do not like to go home
Since its face had changed
into one of the monsters
I have tried to run from.

It is a challenge to sway
along to melodies that play
from both ends of the staff,
and make perfect pirouettes
from tunes that become
less like music to the ears.

There’s silence that beats all the noise you hated to hear
When you wish you can turn back every moment,
Wish you can change the words you’ve said,
As if he is a word, a sentence away
and if you could have been more careful-

You wish you have not tried to break his walls
Or even shook them,
Or maybe, built sturdier ones around yourself
Because you can feel them crash down.
Wish you weren’t reckless
To risk everything and fall.

You know you’re doomed when there is distance-
Inches that beat any other mile ever measured.
Inches, yet you feel so far from him
Inches, yet you’ve never felt so invisible
Only inches, yet you can’t seem to get close.

Now you’re forced to let go,
Let go of what has already slipped away on its own.
Let go of realities you cannot change
Let go of someone who never was yours
You’re forced to, or you just know
It’s all that’s left for you to do.

But you can’t turn your back on everything
And you’re stuck trying to see him
From the point were you stand,
And refuse to go forward.
You can’t seem to move on
And linger on every emotion,
And choose to be frozen in time.

Drift away
Stop returning like waves
that wash away
all the castles I try to build.
Can’t you see how much
I try to forget our memories

Don’t look back
until I finally learn
it’s not worth the wait
’til the hate anchored
to this love lifts.
until the day I’m free

For now, I won’t look
at the stars and wish,
won’t look at sunsets
and get my hopes up
because it’s that easy
to fall for you again.


There was something-
I remembered,
Your gaze told me everyday
won’t be like the other.
Your smile used to
drive the doubts away
just when I’m about
to break down.
Once we’re two points
set for the same direction.

Late nights we spent
on your compositions,
Revealed dispositions
and strawberry dreams-
We skipped sleep
I was Wendy to believe
Will my name in your
songs never grow old?
Have you ever delved
back into twenty-twelve?

Do the first three planets
still remind you of me?
And the records
do they still ever
give music its life
the way it did when
we used to sing along,
now that my reveries
are distant memories?

In the corner of my mind
lies a place where,
(though I loathed science)
lives the formula, the variables
equating to momentum-
constant, a thing we
both knew by heart.
Although nobody knows
why it’s something
we still lost.

Inner Storms.

The breaking of silence
of drops of rain falling
In such a lovely beat.
As if it knew the song
Of the heart in your chest.
Singing along
To every minute.
On perfect repeat.

The coming of the cold
As the air moves.
On such fast pace.
Brushing on your face.
Where the tears have been there
Since three nights ago
Little streams that flow
Down your chiseled jaw.

The veins start to show
In every rolling thunder,
Like you have never
Been filled with such anger
You weren’t silent
In your times of sorrow,
Or is it the wailing, born
Of too much hurt and pain?

Darkness has grown deeper
A sky without the glitter
Are all the stars dead?
Where have all the wishes
Of every man gone?
You cried with the skies
But kept the stars in your eyes
Where hope should also be.

18 July 2015

I want to run, but I can’ t even bring myself to stand
I want to shout but I can’t even bring myself to speak
I’ve been given what to understand
But then why do I still feel weak?

And I learned how the sorrow could kill
Because slowly I can feel my soul taken
Losing the tears to the urge to feel
A first for my faith to be shaken

When they say the sunshine comes after all
Was it just an illusion, a lie?
The last branch to hope already made me fall
Was happiness that hard to come by?

Even when I think of everything
Little do they make any sense
If for a reason these things are happening
Was it, my numerous offense?

Even how hard I try to be whole
I still scatter to grains of sand
Even when my heart is full
This wasn’t what I planned

And the water seal the open in my eyes
Me slowly giving myself up to sleep
And I find myself on the edge of heights
Looking down, “Will I fall this deep?”