31 March 2016

Oh forgive my faith
Doubting the decisions you made
But what’s next for me
You’ve always held the key

Of all the things for me You do
I’m afraid, can I protect You?
Of all the things You gave me
Am I making You proud and happy?

My love is little, my sins are great
You deserve more than my faith
You always welcomed me back
And forgive me for those I lack

The things I do might never be enough
To give back Your unconditional love
And my gratitude overflows
You redeemed me when I was lost

Of all love Yours is the best to receive
Because it’s the reason why I live
And I’m sorry if I can’t come close
Thank You for this fate of mine You chose


24 January 2016

Because I’m still waiting for you
Like my patience is still brand new
When you left, the questions in my head
Left me a little bit more curious instead

And while the sky’s already in pink, losing its grey
A cold morning, oh with me please stay
Please think what you would be without me
Because since we ended I’m still reconsidering

Afternoon in poetry laced with lonely beats
And I still have a blanket over my feet
Am I wetting my pillows with tears too much?
Do I really have to start from scratch?

Oh how long does forever really last?
And how long does my wish need to reach the stars?
Because since we began I lived like we won’t end
And now you’re gone with a farewell said