A Minute’s  Notice (Collab by Matt and Mav)

It has been a while since
I’ve last met my dreams
at a breath’s reach – –
and I felt the kind of warmth
I thought I had lost
between the days gone cold
along the routines
of jumping over
weathered fences

and as I close my eyes
I bid farewell to reality
for a while, at least
to visit the world I missed
remembering the reasons
for my soul’s existence
lifting all the limitations
the laws, the doubts
to fly free

far away from tired bones
and frail fingertips,
from heavy words tied
around my feet when
the road tells everyone
to run like crazy
to run as if tomorrow
would catch on to yesterday.

waves of courage
hit me harder than most
of my earthly adversities,
I feel like being a child again.
fearless and carefree
without a trace of skepticism
I realized I have put
more life in the lines
of my first drawing

when my heart animated
itself to the rhythm
of another’s.
Tell me how nightmares
play a part to a grander
scheme – and if my heavy
eyes catches sleep
once more,
will I wake up, refreshed
or will I stay grounded
to face the world again
bare foot and unarmed?