Love tells your bones to dance
When your heart wants to melt.
It puts more to your hands
Like it was made to be held.


Maybe the worst thing to do to anyone
Is make them remember you by looking at the moon
Make someone remember you in different faces (phases)
But never fully show yourself.
Should you haven’t come as the light against the dark
Orchestrate the tides
Play with a beating heart.
Make her confident to belittle
A million-mile distance
But to make her cry
With three-centimeter goodbyes.
Don’t you disguise as the moon
If you have the plans to leave.
Because the moon doesn’t.
It’s beauty has always been there
And though at times unnoticed
It doesn’t deserve to be a reminder
Of a memory someone cannot bear
To look up to every night.

Dreams of you
are rays that slip
through my fingers
while I failingly try to
keep the sun off my face.

You are the cold air
On the mornings I run,
That gently brushes my skin.
The air on moments
I’d die to breathe.

Attempts to say “I love you”
Recounts to being infant again,
in struggle to express,
To find the perfect word
As perfect as the feeling.

If life is a book,
You are the words
that grace the back cover,
I read you thinking,
“You’re everything
And all I need to know”.

Bid farewell to unwritten letters
As they turn into little waves
Let them kiss your toes
as you bravely go against the waters.
Set free a memory, for it
doesn’t make you less of a beauty.

Life is just much more,
The heart is crafted to beat
Until man’s last minute
But it craves in secret
Jumping and stopping in between.

When even the Moon takes phases
To escape the cruel, black night,
The flowers turn towards
where it catches the Sun,
What makes you think
you deserve to be saturnine?

What keeps you still, holding on
When the shadow, in its darkness
Gets enticed to follow along
Every step when man dances,
When the seed, of sheer love
breaks itself out of desire for life?

Bear Hands

Somewhere the sea
And the skies meet,
But I never knew.
Whenever my
sight tries to go and
see the end of it,
You’re who I come to think.

I opened my eyes
To the melodies of rain,
As if tap dancing
on the windowpane.
Or was it you, it sounds same
When you approach me,
And when you walk away.

The human memory sometimes
Do make fun of us,
Just when you
had much to remember
And that’s when you forgot.
I have you to forget,
But you’re all I remember.

To fall in love with you
is like watching
the day turn to night.
Though I kept watch
Almost without a blink
Still I don’t know how
Dark blue came just after pink.

Ghosts in broad daylight
take life from empty laughter
and resonate ’til it swallows me.
It lives in the shadows
in holes I didn’t know were there.
cracks no sunlight could fill.

One day I woke up
to feel a pang of guilt, when
I do not like to go home
Since its face had changed
into one of the monsters
I have tried to run from.

It is a challenge to sway
along to melodies that play
from both ends of the staff,
and make perfect pirouettes
from tunes that become
less like music to the ears.

On the train ride home
I catch myself on the train’s window,
Hiding in the dark,
Consumed by the cityscape.
My eyes are but crescents left.
A run of street lights were like stars.
I stare at my barely-there reflection
And bask at the emptiness.

Of how much the earth has taught me,
how come doubt always
finds a way to live there
at the pit of my stomach?
Of the many mornings I looked at
myself in the mirror, how come
I feel like I still haven’t
Seen everything about me?

I am exhausted spending
All my days to build a dream
That is slowly getting less like mine,
When, to start again may
Be all a waste of time.
What if life is not a single path to take
That if I force to continue
It may become a waste of life?

Maybe I’ll start to live knowing
How our souls are created
to surprise even itself,
That happiness is measured
On how it is immeasurable
And that life isn’t limited to
The visions we thought we’d keep.
Or to what other people think.

When I look at you
I take in the stars,
Looking the same, yet when I
Photograph you a thousand times
You are a different story everytime.

When I look at you
The blood rush through
Every inch of my veins,
To make me feel every ounce
Of happiness and pain.

When I look at you
The questions stopped to exist,
My chest lost the quest for answers.
I could have cared less of the universe,
But I fell for it in a pair of eyes.