There’s silence that beats all the noise you hated to hear
When you wish you can turn back every moment,
Wish you can change the words you’ve said,
As if he is a word, a sentence away
and if you could have been more careful-

You wish you have not tried to break his walls
Or even shook them,
Or maybe, built sturdier ones around yourself
Because you can feel them crash down.
Wish you weren’t reckless
To risk everything and fall.

You know you’re doomed when there is distance-
Inches that beat any other mile ever measured.
Inches, yet you feel so far from him
Inches, yet you’ve never felt so invisible
Only inches, yet you can’t seem to get close.

Now you’re forced to let go,
Let go of what has already slipped away on its own.
Let go of realities you cannot change
Let go of someone who never was yours
You’re forced to, or you just know
It’s all that’s left for you to do.

But you can’t turn your back on everything
And you’re stuck trying to see him
From the point were you stand,
And refuse to go forward.
You can’t seem to move on
And linger on every emotion,
And choose to be frozen in time.


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