My fingers uncurl
To wrap around yours,
The way the seedling
Stretches to reach
For the morning sun-
Born in the night
That has been too long.

Lost I was after
I left a trail
little by little,
pieces of myself in
every place I went.
I knew the moment
I felt your touch,
The veins in my system
Remembered life again.

When the heart is tired,
The only thing I need,
Your sweet words in my ear
Planted through
A soft tickle that carried
Your breath’s warmth
In a whisper of
All things I ever
Needed to hear.

The whirlwinds
You create in my heart,
Chase away the calm
That is left in me.
But fills my chest
with electricity.
For the longest time
My life craved peace
But if this is love,
Maybe this is
More than enough.


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