Inner Storms.

The breaking of silence
of drops of rain falling
In such a lovely beat.
As if it knew the song
Of the heart in your chest.
Singing along
To every minute.
On perfect repeat.

The coming of the cold
As the air moves.
On such fast pace.
Brushing on your face.
Where the tears have been there
Since three nights ago
Little streams that flow
Down your chiseled jaw.

The veins start to show
In every rolling thunder,
Like you have never
Been filled with such anger
You weren’t silent
In your times of sorrow,
Or is it the wailing, born
Of too much hurt and pain?

Darkness has grown deeper
A sky without the glitter
Are all the stars dead?
Where have all the wishes
Of every man gone?
You cried with the skies
But kept the stars in your eyes
Where hope should also be.


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