18 July 2015

I want to run, but I can’ t even bring myself to stand
I want to shout but I can’t even bring myself to speak
I’ve been given what to understand
But then why do I still feel weak?

And I learned how the sorrow could kill
Because slowly I can feel my soul taken
Losing the tears to the urge to feel
A first for my faith to be shaken

When they say the sunshine comes after all
Was it just an illusion, a lie?
The last branch to hope already made me fall
Was happiness that hard to come by?

Even when I think of everything
Little do they make any sense
If for a reason these things are happening
Was it, my numerous offense?

Even how hard I try to be whole
I still scatter to grains of sand
Even when my heart is full
This wasn’t what I planned

And the water seal the open in my eyes
Me slowly giving myself up to sleep
And I find myself on the edge of heights
Looking down, “Will I fall this deep?”


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