She hates the noise because her voice is too little to hear
She hates the silence because she gets swallowed by fear
She hates to say yes because she doesn’t want to give in
She hates to say no because she can no longer keep it

She thinks she’s ugly because she doesn’t turn heads
She thinks she’s pretty with the words he said
She thinks she’s nothing because they did not disagree
She thinks she’s everything because she’s the only one he sees

She feels imperfect because she can’t succeed
She feels perfect because he thinks she has it
She feels small because she can’t compete
She feels great because on her he always believed

She wants to cry because she feels worthless
She wants to smile because some guy gives her happiness
She wants to give up because she thinks she can’t
She wants to try because he thinks she can do it

She can’t love because her mind keeps changing
She can’t help, because of the love he’s giving
She can’t say because she feels like running away
She can’t help, because he always chose to stay


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