Supernova (3/15/15)

In a lone night you look to the skies
Taking sight of the stars mirrored in your eyes
Exploring the little tragedies
Found on those beautiful galaxies

I can sense a supernova coming
Near, approaching is the ending
I wish I could stop that night
If it comes, will that be your awaited sight?

I watched as your eyes glitter
Were you waiting for my fire?
‘Cause one night my shine will die
Will you love how I’ll say goodbye?

I’ll fall into pieces as I lay from the heights
Waiting for your smile when I explode bright
When it’s all over, please whisper to the chilly wind
That I’m the most beautiful you’ve ever seen

My final will be a brief moment
But tell me at least once,that in your head
That in a short encounter, I have the tendency to last
Say you’ll keep me, even if all happened fast


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